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Wine selection and learning
Source: | Author:dingsong | Published time: 2017-01-13 | 1906 Views | Share:
With the improvement of living standards, modern people increasingly pay attention to the quality of life. For many families, wine is also a kind of indispensable scenery, it display all kinds of wine, but
Add luxuriant colour for restaurants.
Wine is high and long, mostly in fengshui, this is the symbol of the mountain; Short and flat table is the symbol of sand and water. In the restaurant there are mountain water, cooperate with appropriate, will be great help for curtilage shipment.
Put the wine in the restaurant have what time must pay attention to, in order to avoid damage house feng shui.
A, wine mostly tall and connect fully, is the symbol of the mountain, should put it on the head of the household life kyrgyzstan, party in kyrgyzstan geomantic essence should be high and well.
Householder is grabbing the life, the wine should be put in the restaurant is moving west, southwest, northwest and northeast of the quartet.
Second, the wine ark of lens shoulds not be too big. General wine ark adopts the lens as the backplane, make wine and crystal glasses of wine is more bright and transparent. If the lens is too big, in feng shui
Aspect will cause inconvenience.
Wine if the lens is too big, unfavorable also and god ark relatively, because it can make a fetish of incense reflected in the wine of the lens, and this is the big fear of fengshui.
If it happens, you should put the wine or a fetish shift, to both positive relative, can ensure harmless.
Three, wine should not be placed beside the fish tank. Wine is the furniture in water, and fish tank water more, the essence of two similar, if put together, will form a water much and burst of flood
Fourth, the placement of the bar. In the dining room with larger area, some families like to bar instead of wine, the bar with the essence of wine, moisture is heavy, so, both in terms of feng shui
Pay attention to and respectively.
The bar should be put in the corner of the restaurant, this way not only conforms to feng shui, and comply with the design requirements. Because of the ark belongs to water, water-based flexible, not afraid of pressure. So, put in the bottom of the stairs
Just as well.
Five, some families don't like wine, weight is not in the restaurant put wine wine, but the ark of the cup of loaded with cups and saucers, at this time, the cup ark shoulds not be too broad, too long. Such as cup tank to fill in
Filled the entire wall, devoid of blank room, this is not ideal. If glass cabinets and wall length, should be changed to short ark, feng shui can improve the restaurant.
Family took the appropriate Settings in a corner of the restaurant, to the principle of not impede the smooth of restaurant channel may, in accordance with specific conditions, to design it into "a" word or "L" shape.





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