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Red wine buying guide
Source: | Author:dingsong | Published time: 2017-01-14 | 3573 Views | Share:

For consumers to contact wine is not much, in the face of many brands on the market, varieties, types of red wine, how to choose appropriate own thermostat red wine? The following will buy red wine
To consider the factors listed for your reference.
First, the basic knowledge of the wine storage
(1, red wine is a life cycle stage and Suckling, decline), even if still continue to develop after bottling, still need to be careful care carefully preserved.
Good old wine recommendation: long life cycle quality wine, suggest that choose good performance of the compressor wine; Ordinary wine, not for the purpose of long-term storage, can choose electronic wine.
2, different wines have different best storage temperature, the general is as follows:
Half a sweet, sweet red wine 14-16 ℃; 16-22 ℃ dry red wine; Half dry red wine 16-18 ℃; 8-10 ℃ dry white wine; Half dry white wine 8 to 12 ℃;
Half a sweet, sweet white wine 10-12 ℃; Brandy below 15 ℃; Champagne (sparkling wine) 5-9 ℃.
Wine recommendation: with a variety of wine or wine to low temperature preservation, suggested that choose compressor wine and dual temperature zone wine; Single red wine storage and storage requirement is not high,
Can choose electronic wine.
Second, the classification of red wine and basic knowledge
1, according to the way of refrigeration points: compressor wine ark, semiconductor electronic wine.
Wine recommendation: long life cycle of good quality, variety, drink many, suggested that choose compressor wine; Appellation, single species, Tibetan wine is not much, can choose electronic wine.
2, according to the case material: metal wine box, wood box body red wine.
Wine recommendation: contemporary and contracted style decoration, recommend metal case wine or fashion electronic wine; European classical style decoration, recommend solid wood cabinet of red wine.
3, according to the points of origin: domestic wine, imported wine.
Three, the choose and buy wine thought and consideration
1, make sure the wine refrigeration type: main consideration wine storage quantity, variety and price of wine, wine cabinet USES, wine prices and purchasing budget.
Wine recommendation: small number of general family expenses, Tibetan wine (30) or less, deposit suggest choose electronic wine appellation, etc; Professional collection, commercial refrigeration, large quantities, storage old cellar
Good wine and so on suggestion choose compressor wine.
2, again within the same species to determine the brand: main consideration is the product style and domestic outfit collocation, product price and budget, product quality, brand image, etc.
3, finally, within the same brand determine models: mainly consider the loading capacity, style, style price, single and double between zones and other details.
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