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Shenzhen ding technology development co., LTD

     Shenzhen tripod of science and technology development co., LTD., founded in 2008, is specialized is engaged in the wine cellar equipment and constant temperature and humidity equipment research and development and production of high-tech companies, the company makes a musical DianQiHua intelligent control, such as Internet + + technology, is committed to the pursuit of high quality life provides high quality, personalized overall solution wine cellar, wine for wine lovers to lead new fashion of life.

     Company integrating research and development production, starting in 2012, a large number of manpower material resources, and to get dixell elf ambassador to Italy (Beijing) co., Siemens (guangzhou) branch, companies such as Emerson's strong support and help, the tripod with two handles of the wine cellar successfully implemented the local and remote monitoring and maintenance, monitoring intelligent furniture, and mobile phone APP monitor, etc., and red wine in the cellar for positioning, red wine remote video, such as infrared anti-theft technology...

     Corporate philosophy: "originality is unique, is the result of persistent", for stable operation of thought wine cellar: thousands of miles, we have 24 hours.






   WEB   :www.ds9j.com

   Company:Shenzhen Ding Song

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