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What circumstances need to use constant temperature wine
Source: | Author:dingsong | Published time: 2017-01-14 | 2034 Views | Share:
If you hide more than 10 bottles of wine in the home, and hid a year are not willing to give up drinking, so, should find a constant temperature wine for them. If they are in your home after continuous high temperature of 36 degrees
Midsummer, and then had a winter dry place to produce electrostatic, then again a month or two of the rainy weather, your wine, how to stand, even if they are strong enough, the cork
Plug are also early harness, it may be possible to dry, then mould.
We don't have constant temperature and humidity in the basement, can only give wine appropriate to look for a manual, constant temperature and humidity of the space, let them before being opened, healthy, meimei's sleep
A night's sleep.
Constant temperature wine cabinet is designed according to the wine storage temperature, constant temperature wine ark, there are two zones, the top is high, up to 22 degrees, the minimum is 12 degrees. The bottom is a low temperature
Area, the minimum 5 degrees, the highest is 12 degrees, the principle of constant temperature wine and refrigerators are similar, but he added a fever at the top of machine, the temperature control in 10 ~ 18 degrees, it is suitable for wine
Storage temperature. The top is suitable for the red wine, put rare bottom layers suitable for white wine, sparkling wine or champagne.
Sold on the market of constant temperature wine ark, if it is full of imported wine, price is around 8, and imported parts assembled wine is relatively much cheaper, can deposit about 150 bottles
Wine wine is 6 ~ 7000 yuan. Imported wine ark relatively temperature control precision, low noise, fine craftsmanship, but from the price, some domestic assembly of wine is more superior.

Chinese wine more exquisite decorative side, like the wine on any part of the elaboration, beautification, complicated.
English wine pays attention to rural style, how to fine beautiful ornament.
China is an ancient wine country. "Li Baidou wine poems", since ancient times, scholars are more love to drink; "No wine no seats", the wine is the ordinary people in daily life necessities
. The wine into the home, the love for wine to be interpreted as part of the life that occupy the home, is a good idea.
According to the art decoration company design director wang yu, family wine now has more become a kind of home decoration, most of the wine is not just wine, has the multi-function positioning of the household
The decoration.
Stylist proposal
Now both of modern decoration and luxury decoration, many people like to add a wine in the bedroom. The design of the wine can be simply beautiful demand, can also be a practical consideration.
Wine glass partition is beautiful and practical
If your bedroom space is not large, raising of truss method and the house is too low, you can consider to use the wine ark that glass partition. Top tripod decoration lead designer Su Jiang said, because of the limitation of the actual space
Have to change the original concept of wine cabinet. So just make a few on wall glass is used to put the bottles and wine, it looks not only extends to high, the space is not empty
Between, can saying is the new ideas. This design is the double consider of practicality and aesthetics.
Long and narrow porch wine enhancements
If your house on the overall situation of the original is not reasonable, you can consider design ark of a wine in long, narrow porch place. Originally the space utilization of waste is the highlight of this design,
This wine from the outside is a porch, looking from the bedroom there is a small bar, thus increasing the beautiful sex of the bedroom. This kind of wine cabinet design is mainly for functional test
Clear and fluent fashion type of wine
More and more modern families like to bar instead of wine. Small bar at home, listening to the melodious music and taste a comfortable life, is many to pursue modern urbanite
High level. Suit a crowd: young small endowment in their 20 s and 30 s.
Make public style luxury type wine
Mature inside collect, successful career in business, economic bounteous, the heart may still wild uninhibited, but life is very delicate. Such a man is not wine, wine must be stored in
Old red wine or XO, only elegant wine ark can show their success. Suit a crowd: the success of their 30 s and 40 s.
Ding of specialized in embedded wine cellar, wine cellar equipment, underground wine cellar, wine cellar, shenzhen wine store design, production, installation, maintenance, is a set design, production, installation in
The integration of all aspects of service company, if you want to learn more about or if you have any other questions need to consult, welcome to click on the tripod online experts praise, or dial the hotline advisory details.





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