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Wine selection guidelines
Source: | Author:dingsong | Published time: 2017-01-13 | 1858 Views | Share:
On the market, the wine is generally divided into functional and decorative wine. If it is used to store wine, had better use of functional red wine, and humidity temperature can make wine to keep the best quality; Such as
Half deposit fruit wine and white wine, multi-purpose decorative wine. And functional wine to wine wholesale center, best red wine house, professional wine cellar and other places to buy, sell the wine at the furniture store
Basically belongs to the decorative, decorative wine must match with the overall household style.
Wine cabinet design correspond to the bar
In many families the wine ark next to do a small stage, when the choose and buy wine, will even supporting bar and high chairs are given together, another pair comparison difficult.
Wine material need carefully to know the basic standard is used in the glass won't cause harm to the people, when broken cupboard best equipped with lamp and glass. In addition, the framework can be divided into solid wood, high in fiber
Plate, stainless steel, such as solid wood line contracted wine suitable for contracted decorate a style, and has a solid wood wine ark of carve patterns or designs on woodwork process of heavy and complicated, is suitable for European decorate a style, high fiber board or stainless steel
Wine for more avant-courier decorate a style.
Wine must and overall household style collocation
When designing wine have exquisite wine ark, French or Chinese style to decorate, the style of wine must correspond to; American or new classical decoration, wine has no obvious specification, can be"
Mix and match ", contemporary and contracted or contracted style of northern Europe, wine cabinet also to contemporary and contracted; postmodern decoration style is good for classic wine with a minimalist.
Decorative wine has a variety of styles, and some can "mix build", only "one to one" : the modelling of now more popular is to eat edge ark and wine together, or gap between regions
Do together ark and wine, so that a dual-use, practical and convenient.





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