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Why not use the refrigerator to store wine and wine?
Source: | Author:dingsong | Published time: 2017-01-13 | 1258 Views | Share:
Wine cellar and refrigerator difference is very big still, this basically is the wine itself high storage requirements.
First, it should have a constant temperature accuracy
The best temperature should be kept around 13 ℃, have done a specific analysis, some scholars think the ideal temperature is 12.8 ℃. Although the refrigerator can also set up a constant temperature,
But the refrigerator actual temperature and set temperature difference is bigger, often in a state of flux, it is difficult to ensure the wine storage temperature requirements, and the wine contains professional precision compressor
And temperature controller.
Second, wine need to ventilation and humidity regulation
If the humidity is not enough, or loss of sealing function, if the humidity is too high, can lead to mildew bottle. Wine has a perfect ventilation system, through the wine temperature and outdoor temperature difference
Vision, make the wine produced in moisture, can be appropriately increased internal humidity. Refrigerator for ventilation and humidity control is not so professional.
Third, wine with suspension and avoid light function
Vibrations will speed up wine chemical reaction, for the wine mature process has a considerable impact. Wine, shockproof compressor internal precision, work is slow, smooth, greatly reduced
Low vibration. The refrigerator, there is no such precision shockproof facilities. The ultraviolet ray in other light also has a great influence to maturation and aging, 6 if exposure to strong sunlight
A month is enough to lead to wine deterioration. Professional wine with double uv glass door, can effectively prevent the light for wine.





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